User Guide

What is Primary Key (PK)?

TQR provides an anonymous primary key (PK) on a computing device's internet browser as an identity for creating and accessing services on TQR's online platform. They include but are not limited to loyalty reward programs, campaign and event tracking, advertising and marketing, token exchanges and trading, stored value cards, virtual business cards, and personal contact pages.

Many services do not require registration on the TQR website, and you may remain anonymous. The tokens that you earned and burned are associated with your PK. If you clear your browser cache, there's no way for us to retrieve your primary key unless you remember it.

To prevent lost of tokens, we strongly suggest you record your unique primary key. Go to <CountryCode> (e.g. and click on Register Key. Then choose any one of the methods to associate your PK.

To set your PK on other browsers, phones or computers, you have to log in to our website and recover your PK from My Account/Reset PK. For guest users that have submitted email or PIN to record the primary key, kindly email us at