Campaign & Event

Anonymous Event & Participation Tracking

The TQR Campaign program is designed to effectively track and reward a significant number of people who participate in public and community events while still preserving their anonymity. It can be used to create a Partnership or City-wide Voucher Program, a Passport Reward Program or offline to online promotion.


What are TQR Campaign and Events?

A Campaign is for short-term usage with multiple events in a defined period.
The Campaign can have various events with different reward tokens.
A user can only earn once for each event in the Campaign.

Use Cases

  • Citywide tourist reward program.
  • A hotel can offer a marketing reward program with local businesses without disclosing guest information.
  • A global enterprise can utilise the TQR cloud platform and API to create custom solutions to track customer engagement.
  • Government or charity can fund reward programs targeting underprivileged communities and businesses.
  • An organisation can track users' participation in public events.
Campaign screenshot1

Event Specification

Each Event can grant one or more tokens from a single scan of the Earn QR code. The Earn and Burn URLs handle optional post-scan display and processing (refer to Developer Guide), while the Banner URLs are banner images in the earn and burn dialogue box.


Business's benefits

  • Reward visitors for their participation and increase business exposure.
  • Convert anonymous visitors into customers.
  • Data analytics for physical activities


Refer to our guide to know more about how the Campaign is created.


Do not hesitate to email us if you are interested in creating a Campaign.