Guide for Frictionless Reward Program

How Does It Work?

Reward Attract Customers | Tokens Bring Them Back

Getting Started

Go to the Reward Portal using the link below and replace ?? with your country code, such as us, uk, sg etc.


You will be given a primary key for all your connections. The primary key is attached to the browser of your current device (phone, tablet or computer)


Create Reward Connection

A single business can run multiple stores. In the app, each physical establishment is called a Connection. The Reward Connection is for long-term usage, such as a loyalty program in a restaurant to allow customers to collect tokens and redeem rewards.

Click on the + button to add a new Reward Connection.

Name the Root Connection with your brand name and Branch Connection with your store name.

Set the Minimum Tokens granted per scan. Each scan of the Earn QR code automatically receives the Minimum Tokens (set to 1 by default).

The Portal

There are two unique QR codes for your store.

Earn Tokens Card:
Print the QR code and let customers scan and earn during checkout.

Rewards View Card:
Print the QR code as a sticker and paste it on strategic locations (restaurant tables, retailer shelves and entrances).
Burn tokens to redeem the reward button embedded in the View Page.


Primary Key (PK)

Each business user will have a unique PK. The PK is created on your browser and associated with your connections and tokens. If you accidentally clear your browser cache, we cannot retrieve this information unless you remember your unique anonymous PK. Please register an account with your business information on our website to record your PK.

Click on the Person icon to register a vendor account on our website.

You will not be getting the same PK on your other browsers or devices (phones or computers) when you access the portal. To set your PK on other browsers, phones or computers, you have to log in to our website and recover your PK from My Account/Reset PK.

We suggest the following steps:

  1. Use your phone or computer to create a Reward Connection on the portal.
  2. Register a user account on our website.
  3. Set your PK on all your device (phone, tablet, computer) browsers.

Earn QR code on Reward Connection

Customers earn the defined minimum tokens (when you set up your Reward Connection) after they scan the Earn QR code.

If you set up the Earn URL, the customer will be redirected to the defined Earn URL after clicking OK. Otherwise, the customer will be redirected to the Reward View page by default.

View QR on Reward Connection

Customers scan the View QR code to check the offers, promotions and announcements listed by your store.

Magmarvel Omookase's View Page

You can insert text, images, videos and links on the View page.

In a typical scenario, a restaurant customer informs the waitress of the number of tokens he intends to burn to redeem rewards offered by the restaurant. He can choose to burn all his tokens or some of them.

A confirmation message will be displayed when the customer chooses to burn all his tokens.

The customer can decide how many tokens to burn if he chooses to burn some of the tokens. The dialogue will display the maximum number of tokens available to burn.

If you set up the Burn URL, the customer will be redirected to the defined Burn URL after clicking OK.

Editing Reward View Page

If you register a vendor account on our website, you can use the View Page Editor on Vendor Page to create the View page.

Or create custom layout with other editors, then copy and paste the HTML code into View page on the portal (https://[yourcountrycode] directly.
You would have to continue to maintain the custom view page with other editors, as our View Page Editor cannot edit the custom HTML.