Custom Designed Reward System

TQR Points is an E-Commerce and Payment linked reward point system. Integrating it with TQR Reward and Campaign Programs allows a business or public organisation to create a highly customised and comprehensive reward system.

Partnership or City-wide Voucher Program

It can incentivise consumers to purchase from participating vendors and create brand awareness on a broad scale, both online and offline. A city in partnership with corporate sponsors, can design a reward system to achieve downtown rejuvenation or bring economic activities to the underdeveloped part of the city.

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Engagement Level Reward Program

This reward program encourages repeat visits to a business or venue. An F&B corporate group can easily use TQR's Frictionless Reward Program to promote repeat visits among its chain stores or even across brands. A shopping mall can work with corporate sponsors to reward repeat visits to the mall's venues or partner stores.

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The Passport Reward Program

It is designed to reward users who visit a list of venues or stores. It can be used for tourist promotion, a civic duty program by a city, or seasonal promotion by a shopping mall.

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Offline and Online Promotion

Businesses can use the TQR platform to create any combination of O2O promotions.

1. How to create a Voucher Program?

Creating a Voucher Program has two options: the TQR Frictionless Reward or the Campaign-Event program. Here are the steps for using the Campaign program:

  1. Create a Campaign Connection and define Events with Earn-Tokens# to represent participating vendors. Users can only claim from each Event/Vendor once.
  2. Generate an Earn QR code for each vendor.
  3. Consumers should scan the Campaign QR to register and claim TQR Points as vouchers.
  4. Consumers can then visit vendors and scan the Earn QR code to spend their TQR Points.

A corporate sponsor (a beer company, for example) can offer reward points to consumers to redeem at a chain store Pub.

2. How to create an Engagement Level Reward Program for a repeat visit?
  1. Consumers earn TQR Tokens by paying repeat visits to any one of the stores within a corporate group.
  2. They can then redeem for a reward at individual stores onsite or convert the Tokens into reward points online.
3. How to create a Passport Reward Program?

A Tourism Board can create a promotion to encourage tourists to visit a few areas in the city.

  1. The organisation creates a Campaign Connection to represent the promotion and Events within the Campaign for participating attractions or venues.
  2. Consumers earn TQR Event Tokens by visiting these tourist attractions.
  3. A person who visited all places listed in the Campaign can claim rewards physically at a designated area or go online by converting the TQR Event Tokens to TQR Points.
4. How to conduct O2O promotion?

O2O, short for "Online to Offline" or "Offline to Online," involves merging online and offline channels or experiences. With TQR's Frictionless Reward Program and Campaign-Event Program, businesses can incentivise consumer activities at their physical stores while utilising TQR's online marketing Points. By integrating these two marketing programs, companies can conduct O2O marketing without needing expensive custom marketing implementations.